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How to Cut Down Salt and Sugar in Daily Life

We’re moving toward the last quarter of the year and exiting the extended lockdown. Keeping ourselves at home this long with minimum physical movement and living on take-away food, it’s no surprise if we find that we’ve put on weight and found that our pants need to be a few sizes bigger.

The easiest way to get rid of the COVID-kilos and bring your bodies back in shape is to be mindful of your food consumption. We’re not telling you to cut your meals and go through a HIIT boot camp. Instead, we’re giving you tips on how to eat healthily and happily by cutting your consumption of salt and sugar.

While these flavourful buddies - salt and sugar - are essential minerals that our bodies need, as we all know, an excess of these minerals are harmful to our health. Salt (aka Sodium Chloride) makes the body retain water, which causes bloating. Sugar increases the risk of high blood pressure, which can lead to strokes and heart disease. In addition, these two substances are addictive, which makes you feel like eating more food. If you consume too much, you will likely gain weight quickly.

To reduce salt and sugar in your daily life, we have a few suggestions to try       

  • Avoid Adding
    Most food, especially Thai or other Asian food, have salt (or fish sauce) and sugar as essential ingredients. If you don’t cook and rely on take-away food, you will inevitably have a higher level of sodium and sugar in your daily diet. You can reduce your intake of these minerals by avoiding added seasonings in your meals, such as having a noodle bowl with minimum seasoning - no added sugar or fish sauce; having a pain gelato with no extra topping, or drinking black coffee with no sugar or syrup.  
  • Read the Label
    Another step to get closer to the “Low Salt, Low Sugar” lifestyle is to be mindful about what you eat. Knowing your food ingredients, including the components of the seasoning used in your food, is very important, so that your salt and sugar consumption doesn’t exceed recommended levels. The recommended level of the daily salt intake is one teaspoon (equivalent to 5 grams or 2,000 mg.), and sugar is six teaspoons (equal to 24 grams). So, it’s a good idea to read the ingredients label when you’re buying packaged food, sauces, or seasonings at your local supermarket, since they often contain very high levels of salt and sugar, and often higher than recommended. Pick low sodium items. If there are no low sodium food options in your local supermarket, you can also reduce the salt by yourself. For example, with canned food such as beans, you can rinse the beans in water before cooking to reduce salt. Cooking stock bought in supermarkets can also be deluded with water to reduce salt levels.
  • Replacement Options
    If you would like to cut down on sugar and sodium seriously, there are some types of food and drink that you can reduce, such as soft drinks, cold cuts, and processed food. You can also replace salt with other ingredients, such as using citrus or herbs to complete the food palate instead of finishing with table salt. Reduce bread consumption and opt for rice, as bread and bakery items have salt in their ingredients.

    Combined with a bit regular light exercise and remembering to drink plenty of water every day, we hope these tips help you to have a healthier, happier and tastier lifestyle!

Source: The New York Times
construction update

Construction progress as of October 2021: 68.79% Overall.

Structural Work: 98.08% Overall Completion.

Architectural Work: 63.39% Overall Completion.

MEP Work: 64.91% Overall Completion.

Façade Work : 58.15% Overall Completion.

Interior Work: 59.85% Overall Completion.

External Work: 19.46% Overall Completion.

Lift Work: 15.00% Overall Completion.

TAIT Sathorn 12

Construction progress as of October 2021

Structural Work: 49.22% Overall Completion.

one city centre

Construction progress as of October 2021: 53.08% Overall.

Structure Work: 85.15% Overall completion.

Architect Work: 10.22% Overall completion.

M&E Work: 24.54% Overall completion.

EE&com: 23.55% Overall completion.

Façade Work: 35.13% Overall completion.

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