“Safecation” How to Have a COVID-Safe Vacation During the Pandemic

Hello, world! It’s been a long time that we have been stuck at home under multiple lockdowns. Now, it’s time to step out of the city and take a trip!

Although the national COVID-19 vaccination rate is growing, we’re still amid the pandemic, and new variants of COVID-19 could pop up anytime. So, it’s a good idea to keep yourself on guard and always continue your hygiene habits, even if you’re already vaccinated. Today, we have a few tips on how to stay safe from the deadly virus while on vacation to share with you to prepare for your trips.

Infection Rate Awareness
You don’t want to be surrounded by coughing people, do you? The more you’re exposed to an unsafe environment, the higher risk you take. Knowing the COVID-19 infection rate of your destination is the first step to planning a safe vacation. The lower transmission rate, along with the higher vaccination rate, is safer. If it’s impossible to check the current new cases, travelling to unpopular destinations might be a better option, as they are less crowded and exposed to lower COVID risk. You might discover an unknown paradise from your off the beaten track trip as a bonus.
Travelling with Smaller Group
I know you haven’t seen your friends and family for too long, and you miss spending time with them. Unfortunately, mass gatherings of many different households might be unsafe at this stage. It can cause a new COVID cluster, leading to a super spreader. So, going with a smaller group of friends, one group at a time, would be a safer way for everyone.
Checking the COVID Safe Policy
When booking your accommodation, look for a place that has a COVID Safe Plan and the Cleaning Protocol. Most of the hotels and rental vacation accommodations, such as Airbnb have updated this policy in line with each country’s regulations and standards. Overall, your room must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before you check in. If you’re unsure or still cautious, bringing your own cleaning supplies to sanitise the touching surfaces for your own comfort is also a good idea. It’s better to be on top of standards when it comes to cleaning.
Being Outdoor
No doubt, physical distancing is one of the effective strategies to keep us safe during this pandemic. The outdoor space gives you plenty of room to practice physical distancing while it’s more challenging in the limited indoor space. In addition, outdoor space provides better air circulation, which lessens the risk of respiratory transmission.
Regularly Test
Whether it is an international trip or simply a long domestic trip, it’s a good idea to have a COVID-19 test 72 hours or three days before the trip to make sure that you’re COVID clear to travel. Testing with the Rapid Antigen Test every five days or after the trip would be appropriate for a domestic trip. With an international trip, each country might have different regulations around international travelling, so please check your destination country before you board.
Personal Hygiene
The most important and straightforward way to keep us safe is maintaining our personal hygiene at a high standard. Washing your hands regularly, sanitising your hands after touching shared objects, masking up when you can’t physically distance in a crowded space – these are the golden rules that you can adopt for a safe and healthy way for life. In addition, do not travel if you’re feeling unwell or have a mild symptom. Just get a test and rest until you’re fully recovered. Even if, it is not COVID-19, it wouldn’t be fun to travel when you’re sick anyway. It’s a trip to celebrate freedom and reconnect with the world; you should be fully fit to enjoy it.

Now you’re well prepared and good to go. Have a great trip and Bon Voyage!

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Photo Credits: Getty Image, @chalabala | twenty20, www.edition.cnn.com , Business Insider 
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