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How to Manage Work-From-Home Paranoia 

Here we go again - “Work-From-Home” mode has switched on again. While we’re still in the pandemic, working from home is unavoidable and has become our new lifestyle, even though we have been experiencing lock-down and working from home since 2020. Still, with the increasing isolation, stress and workload, many people may feel left out, unsupported and paranoid about work.

When the workplace was narrowed down to the space of the computer screen, it’s hard to read the room and interpret body language, facial expressions or feedback from your peers through the screen and written message. Under stress, it’s no surprise that you might misinterpret an ambiguous situation, see negative meanings, or make an irrational assumption that gives you self-doubt or makes you distrust others without concrete evidence.

To prevent misinterpretation and wrong assumptions, we have a few tips for you to manage your Work-From-Home paranoia.

  • Set Clear Expectations
    To reduce the chance of misinterpretation, proactively set clear expectations with your manager, your team members and other stakeholders around how you will communicate, evaluate the progress of work and outcomes, how decisions are made, and how to manage conflicts, etc. The best way to make expectations explicit is through formal team meetings and the working agreements that give specific guidelines for smooth and positive collaborations.
  • Set Scope
    Suppose you find yourself overstaying at (online) work or attending every Zoom meeting just because of the fear of missing out. You’re making yourself overly involved, and that can cause you unnecessarily burnout. To declutter your schedule, set a clear scope for your work, including your working hours, and check if the meeting is relevant to your work before joining in. You can suggest your company to include the summary of each meeting in the organization’s bulletin, so that everyone will get a clear snapshot of what’s going on in the organization while we all work remotely. These ideas will help you stay focus with your work and still in the loop.    
  • Don’t Take It Personal
    If you’re a sensitive kind and prone to easily getting upset by people’s behaviour or comments, my best advice to you, especially in the context of work, is “Don’t take it personally”. Working remotely is hard, living under lock-down is also hard, and balancing between work and life through the pandemic is even harder. People whom you’re dealing with might be experiencing stress or hardship at their home life that you might not know about, so please stay positive. If you’re still worrying or having concerns, you can ask that person casually something like, “How are you doing?” or “How’s your homelife?” Then, you might find out what’s behind that stress and get a positive interpretation of that behaviour.

Source: The Harvard Business Review, www.peoplemattersglobal.com
Illustrations: Veronica-Grech
construction update

Construction progress as of May 2021: Overall 39.96 %

Structural Work: 70.94% Overall Completion.

Architectural Work: 33.40% Overall Completion.

MEP Work: 22.04% Overall Completion.

Façade Work : 24.80% Overall Completion.

External Work: 2.91% Overall Completion.

TAIT Sathorn 12

Construction progress as of May 2021: Overall 19.70%

Structural Work: 39.94% Overall Completion.

Architectural Work: 2% Overall Completion.

MEP Work: 2.09% Overall Completion.

External Work: 0% Overall Completion.

One City Centre Bangkok

Construction progress as of May 2021: Overall 44.82 %

Structural Work: 67.80% Overall Completion.

Architectural Work: 5.07% Overall Completion.

M&E: 10.43% Overall Completion.

EE&Com: 17.87% Overall Completion.

Facade Work: 19.82% Overall Completion.

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