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Here we go again – a new wave of COVID-19 is hitting us. But even if the government hasn’t officially announced a lockdown yet, I believe that most of us are doing our best to protect ourselves by minimising social activities and trying to do as much as possible from home. But limiting outside movement doesn’t mean that life has to completely lack fun. Today we present an extensive list of free online activities for you and your family to enjoy together while staying safe at home.


In this dull and dreary moment, art is what we need to channel our feelings and to lift up our souls. Many world-famous museums, such as the ones on this list, are offering virtual tours for us, with no queue and at no cost.

  • British Museum, London An interactive virtual museum that makes it feel like you’re playing a video game while roaming through different categories of the online museum. Each artwork and object also has an audio description, making it feel even more like a private tour.

  • The Louvre, Paris This is such a fun place to visit, either in person or virtually. The Louvre website allows you to explore the gallery spaces as if you were there in person, but without the crowds! Apart from the virtual tour, they also offer many online activities such as live events, podcasts, and a “Mona Lisa” virtual reality experience that you can easily enjoy from home.

  • Rijksmuseum Thanks to Google Arts & Culture and its virtual tour feature, we can have a virtual sneak peek at this amazing gallery and view famous artworks by artists like Van Gough and Rembrandt up close.

Locking yourself inside might keep you safe from COVID-19, but sitting around at home with minimal body movement is also unhealthy. So, let’s find a way to shake your body and get active!

  • Yoga with Adriene This might be the best “me time” that you can gift to yourself while quarantining. As well as becoming energised from the multi-level stretching exercises, your mind will also become brighter from the positive vibes that Adriene sends to you through the screen. Namaste!

  • Fitness Blender From online exercise classes to wellness articles and healthy food recipes, the Fitness Blender is the biggest hub of knowledge for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Alo Moves (YouTube Chanel) Improve your mind and body at once with Alo Moves! On their YouTube channel, you can find many free fitness classes, as well as yoga and meditation for everyone and at every fitness level.
Fun Learning

If your work gets disrupted by this pandemic, resulting in having free time, take this opportunity to gain new skills or to upskill for a brighter future.

  • Future Learning The online learning hub offers extensive short courses from linguistics to economics, from creative arts to business management, and from healthcare studies to computer science. Each course is provided by world-renowned universities and institutions, and some of the courses offer credits or certificate that can be used for other higher education programs. Link:

  • Big History Project This site features great online learning resources for your high school kids to learn more about the world, from astronomy to biology to social science, from the past to the present and for the future.

  • Open Culture Become a more well-rounded and cultured person by spending time at Open Culture - a gateway to the world of free knowledge and entertainment which offers extensive lists of online learning courses, free cult and classic movies and interesting documentaries.
Family Activities and Entertainment

Take a little break from stressful work and try these fun activities, for your own health and wellbeing.

  • Storyline Online Entertain your little ones with many fun story times.

  • Jamie Oliver’s Family Recipe Let’s turn this “stuck-at-home time” into a “quality family time” by creating fun memories at home. Jamie Oliver has created an extensive list of recipes that everyone in the family can cook and enjoy together.

  • Dance Party Dance out your stress and anxiety with Dance Church, the online dance party every Wednesday night or anytime you like on demand, that allows you to dance wildly with nobody watching! Don’t know how to dance? No worries, they have free tutorial dance classes for you to practice your moves at home as well. All you have to do is sign up!

Photo Credits: C.J. Robinson, The Business Traveller, Jamie Oliver, Yoga with Adriene, Alo Moves
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