Raimon Land Miracle 9 Miracle Deals  

The most exclusive deals of the year. Hot prices starting at 7.67MB and 9 Miracle deals of luxury condominiums by Raimon Land located on prime location; The Lofts Silom, The Estelle, Tait12, The Diplomat 39, The River. On 22-30 September 2020 at Emporium Gallery, M Floor, The Emporium Shopping Complex.

Come Rain, Come Shine

Here comes this time of the year when the dark clouds are rolling in, followed by the curtain of rain and sometime floods, adding up to a gloomy shade of mood in life. But don’t let the dismal scene outside lead you to misery - we have a few tips to brighten up your feelings during this monsoon season.

  • Drying Point
    I know, it’s the rainy season, and we might get caught in the rain sometimes. But no other mess is more annoying and disruptive to your beautiful place than the dripping water from soaking umbrellas, the muddy footsteps from soiled shoes and the unpleasant smell of damp socks! So, setting up a drying spot is one of the essential things you need to think about when it comes to this season. Placing a large and highly absorbent doormat, along with an umbrellas bucket, and a package of wet tissues to clean your muddy shoes at the front door (before putting them on the shelf) are the smart solutions to keep your place clean and safe. It will save you time in cleaning, lower the risk of slippery surfaces, and help prevent you from being in a bad mood caused by the mess.
  • Nature’s Therapy
    Plants and flowers have special power in creating positive energy in any space. Brightly-coloured bouquets such as daffodils, dahlias or tulips are lovely choices to have in your place to lift up the mood. Put a bunch of them near the front door or in the hallway, their vivid colours and delicate features will delightfully welcome you home when your open your door. The subtly-scented fruits and blossoms of lavender, roses, lemon and pine tree are great choices for your living space. Apart from the lovely scents that create the calming atmosphere, they neutralize the unpleasant odour from the humidity and damp clothes. If you’re a house plant person, indoor greenery such as fiddle-leaf fig, ferns, or monstera are handsome options to elevate the energy of your space.
  • Popping Colours
    Many studies say that colours can influence human moods and feelings. When it’s grey and gloomy outside, it’s inevitably depressing. So, let’s make our place a happy space to find refuge from the murky world by popping up the colours! You can start on a small scale, by adding decorative items such as colourful cushions on the sofa, or even a colourful sofa itself. A bigger scale idea is to play with the colours of your lighting. Installing LED ambient lights on the ceiling or a bedhead, or putting a colour lightbox on the wall will give your place new dimensions in character. If you’re in for colours and ready to take the big step, devoting a wall for a new paint job will create the best impact. Turquoise, seafoam, peach or blanched pink are the recommended shades for a wall that will boost up your mood.  
Source: www.homify.in | Photo Credit: The Sill, KlunderBie, Kiki PW.
construction update

Construction update as of end of September 2020:  Overall  18.47%

Structural Work: 47.30% Overall Completion.

MEP Work: 2.87% Overall Completion.

External Work : 2.56% Overall Completion.


Construction Progress as of September 2020: Overall 6.34%.

one City centre bangkok

Construction update as of end of September 2020: Overall  37.39%.

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