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Don't let your guard down yet: 5 rules to live by during a pandemic

As the lockdown is ending and the community starts to open up. We need to have certain rules to keep us safe and sound from the COVID-19 which is still out there.

Assistant Professor in the department of population medicine at Harvard Medical School shared that “It’s hard to imagine how we will avoid another surge in infections, which is why these harm reduction approaches that keep people away from much higher risk situations are so important,” Check the health of your state and community.”

  1. Check the health of you state and community
    There’re two indicators which are a) the percentage of positive tests and b) the case rates in overall If the positive tests are high, you should be more cautious because the chance that you will be transmitted with COVID-19 is higher. Vice versa, if the percentage is low, so is the chance. Also, if the case rates are falling then it should be safe. However, you just have to be cautious when it gets higher.

  2. Limit the numbers of your close contacts
    It’s the safest to keep the number of contacts as low as possible but if you want to expand you can do so but with element of trust – how to define reasonable precaution, what is the possible leak, and to agree on the same precaution guidelines. The community has to go on but with risk awareness and open-heart.

  3. Manage your exposure budget
    This is a lifestyle management towards the pandemic. It’s like managing COVID-19 risk as you might manage a diet. For example, if you want dessert after dinner, you might want to eat less of your main course. Like Johannes Eichstaedt, a computational social scientist and psychology professor at Stanford University says “Don’t take risks where it’s not needed, and make trade-offs that are congruent with your larger health needs and priorities. If seeing my grandchild in the park means, to balance this, I can only go to the supermarket every other week, maybe that’s a trade-off I’m willing to make for my mental health and well-being.”

  4. Keep higher risk activities as short as possible
    You may want to think about whether there’s infected person around in the area or place your going whether it’s indoor or outdoor, wear the mask, and keep social distancing rule at best to avoid infection yourself.

  5. Keep taking pandemic precaution
    Though it seems the pandemic is coming to an end and the cases rate are falling but you should keep some habits such as having your mask handy and ready if needed especially in an enclosed space, washing your hands, social distancing practice, and having strict quarantine if you or someone is at high risk of getting infected.

Sly, Slick, Storage  

After a few months under lock-down, being completely home-based creatures, some of you might have found new hidden talents or hobbies such as cooking, planting or making art that might require an investment in tools and equipment. Some might just find pleasure in online shopping (such as I do!). You might suddenly realise that there are piles of boxes waiting to be sorted and endless deliveries coming that might stress you out about where to put them. Don’t worry, today we have a few tips to help you store your stuff like a master.

Cabinet of Wonder

Things don’t have to only serve their main purpose; we can add more meaning to many things. Sometimes simple things that we occasionally use might bring us a surprise, such as a suitcase. We can keep smaller items that are still in use, such as t-shirts, tote bags, clean sneakers or scarfs, in a suitcase. When you need to use some of these items, just roll the suitcase out and unpack. Easy, plus you get a sense of traveling (at home) as a bonus!   

The Art of Display  

Not enough space on the bookshelf? No problem. Bring out a spare chair, position it next to your bookshelf, then stack your books to display, (thick coffee table books are preferable as they will make more space on the bookshelf for your thinner books.) Then put a vase of fresh flowers on top to create a sense of artistry.  

Door-Hanger Storage  

The door-hanging pocket is like a humble bass player in a Band of Storage; so tiny, so flexible, unnoticeable, yet versatile. You can hang it at any door, from the front apartment door to the door of wardrobe, and it saves a lot of floor space. You’d be surprising how much stuff you can store in these little pockets; from toiletries to accessories, from t-shirts to shoes, from tools to stationary, you name it.

Floor Cabinet  

This might need a bit of renovation but if you have high ceiling space and a budget, I recommend it. Build up a floor stage by a putting build-in cabinets on your floor. It will provide bigger storage space that is easy to access, and perfect for keeping boots or books. You can also cover up the door of your storage space with a beautiful kilim rug as a nice covering.

Construction Update

Construction Progress as of June 2020: Overall 1.74%.


Construction update as of end of June 2020: Overall 9.44%.

Structural Work: 17.88% Overall Completion.

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Construction update as of end of June 2020: Overall  33.04%.

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