The Lofts Ratchathewi Grand Opening Sales gallery Event 2020

Raimon Land officially hosted a grand opening event for customers to visit the sales gallery for the first time on 22-23 February 2020 on 9th floor of Spring Tower. Raimon Land would like to take this opportunity to thank all valued customers who came to visit the sales gallery.

The Lofts Ratchathewi Sales Gallery opens daily from 9 AM – 6 PM at 9th floor, Spring Tower.

For more information, please contact 02-029-1888
How to Turn Your Balcony into a Private Oasis

The balcony is a slice of luxury for the urban dwelling, so why not take advantage of this by making it your private sanctuary? We have a few tips to unlock the potential of this overlooked patch and turn it into the most prized corner of your apartment..

  • A Bonus Space
    Your balcony is an extension of your indoor space. You might be surprised how this pocket can make a big difference in creating an inviting atmosphere at your residence. For a big balcony, you can make it an extension of your living room by putting in outdoor seating, a table or daybeds for an alfresco entertaining nook. If it's a small balconyarea, you can simply place pot plants there to bring nature into your cosy indoor space. Dangling hanging plants like pearls, ferns or ivy on your balcony wall or beam can also create a natural green curtain

  • Place the Pots
    The landscape designer's secret on how to create a visually stunning balcony oasis starts with empty plant pots. Select a few pots and planters in the same hues, but with different heights and shapes, then try placing them around the corners of your balcony to get a rough outline. There should be one main pot or object that acts as a focal point of the terrace. The colours and material of the planters will set the primary mood and tone of your garden.

  • Light Exposure
    Knowing the aspect of your balcony is the essential key to help you select the right plants to your patio. If it's partially shaded, lucky you! - any indoor plants will do. If it's fully exposed to the sunlight, go for the hardy ones like succulents, palms or evergreen shrubs. Edible plants such as lemon, mint, chillies and cherry tomatoes are also lovers of sunshine and perfect for the tropical balcony. If it's too hot for any plant to thrive, setting up a bamboo shade at the fence of your gallery will help screening to screen out the heat of the burning sunlight. As a bonus, you’ll also get a bit of privacy from your partition too.

  • A Seat to Please
    Outdoor furniture is what people usually neglect when thinking about a balcony garden. Seating,  in particular,  plays a humble yet significant role in perfecting the space. No matter how small your veranda is, placing a piece of outdoor furniture – even if it’s only a stool - will make a difference in creating a private sanctuary. It's good to have a place to sit, relax and appreciate your DIY hideaway after a long day, isn't it?
Construction Update
the lofts silom

Construction update as of end of February 2020 : Overall 97.34%.

Structural Work: 100% Overall Completion.

Architectural & Interior Work: 99.58% Overall Completion.

MEP Work:  99.07% Overall Completion.

Facade Work:  99.97% Overall Completion.

Lift Work: 99.88% Overall Completion.


Construction update as of end of February 2020

Piling work: 0% target to start within February 2020.


Construction update as of end of February 2020: Overall 1.92%.

Structural Work: 5.27% Overall Completion.

one City centre bangkok

Construction update as of end of February 2020: Overall 26.77%.

Sub-structural Work: 67.36% Overall Completion.

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