happy new year 
May the new year bless you
with health, wealth, and happiness
Rest, Reflect and Redefine
2020 has been a challenging and extortionary year for most of us, caused by the global pandemic, political unrest, and the national recession, resulting in a year where plans have been disrupted and many life goals out on pause. But don’t be too frustrated - this rough and tough year has almost finished, the holidays are around the corner, and celebrations for the new year await. I would like to invite you to take some time during these final weeks of 2020 to take a rest, reflect on your year, and reset your goals.
  • REST
    Alright, it’s time to leave all your stress and frustrations behind and take a break. Apart from your physical health, your spirit and mind also need a bit of rest as well. Find a quiet place where you can be on your own, take long, deep breaths with no rush and no worries until you find stillness. Once your mind reaches that inner peace territory, maintain your state of calm and enjoy your solidity for a moment. You will be surprised how a small pause like this can clear your head and lighten-up your mind.
    While your head is clear and your mind is calm, it’s a good idea to reconnect and check-in with yourself by asking a few simple questions to reflect your mental health and wellbeing, your professional practice, or your personal life. Questions you might ask yourself are, “What’s my ambition?”, “What I have been doing?”, “Did I achieve my goal?”, “What is the problem?”, or “Is there any better way to respond to the situations that I’ve faced?”. Remember, these questions are for your own self-reflection, so please be honest, be kind, and avoid harsh self-judgement. If you ask yourself and answer these questions with honesty and a neutral mind, you will understand the situation, understand yourself, and see things more clearly, which will lead to a better plan and better solutions for your life next year.
    Once you see the clear picture of your position in the current situation, it’s time to set your goals and plan your strategies for the year ahead. It could be the same goal as the previous year, or a new goal with a new direction. It doesn’t have to be a big project or too ambitious - something that makes you feel happy and gives you a bit of fulfilment is more than enough. No matter what your goal is, the most important thing that I would like you to keep in mind is to be conscious, be positive, hold high hopes, and be kind.  
construction update

Construction progress as of December 2020: Overall 25.65%

Structural Work: 62.35% Overall Completion.

Architectural Work: 10.84% Overall Completion.

MEP Work: 6.67% Overall Completion.

External Work: 2.91% Overall Completion.


Construction progress as of December 2020: Overall 10.63%

One City Centre Bangkok

Construction progress as of December 2020: Overall 34.32%

Structural Work: 49.33% Overall Completion.

Architectural Work: 3.14% Overall Completion.

M&E: 7.703% Overall Completion.

EE&Com: 8.10% Overall Completion.

External Work: 12.17% Overall Completion.

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