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Stay Home Stay Lively

With this COVID-19 pandemic situation, staying home may feel bored and here are some relaxing activities to do at home.

  1. Find a book or a magazine that piques interest. Reading is the most relaxing way to unwind stress.
  2. List favorite movies and watch with relaxation and no rush. It can help restore energy level.
  3. Releasing stress through the power of music. The research demonstrates that classical music can have a profound effect on both the emotions and physical. It helps to concentrate better and learn faster.
  4. Practice cooking your favorite menu. Cooking can help relieve stress as well as saving more money.
  5. Exercise at home can enjoy privacy, it also helps the body build immunity to prevent COVID-19.
2-Bedroom One Price! 

Once in a lifetime!! Raimon Land offers a very special price for 2-Bedroom at The Lofts Series, Tait12, The Diplomat Series, The River, and The Estelle start at 13.9MB. Limited-time offer only. Do not miss a chance to own high-quality luxury condominiums, located in the prime location.

*Terms and conditions apply
Small Change, Big Impact 

A minimal change that fills your home with new energy.

This is an interesting and extraordinary time. As we are all facing the pandemic outbreak and being outside is considering as unsafe, why not make your home the best place to be and take this opportunity to make it a lovely lockdown? We have a few easy tips on how to give your place a new good vibe.

Give Your Life A New Light

Lighting plays significant role in creating the mood of your space, and it can influence your emotions more than you might think. Subtle changes in lighting give visible impact to your place. For example, natural white light creates energy for productivity, while a gentle warm glow creates a comforting atmosphere. If you want to create a place that suits for working or studying at home, try putting on a table lamp that imitates natural light, as the direct white light will boost your energy and help you to stay focused. If you need a comfortable corner to snuggle in and relax, a dimmable warm floor or table lamp will help you achieve this effect. For an extra tip - try projecting light onto a wall or the ceiling, as the reflecting effect will produce a dramatic scene and create an interesting dimension to your space.

Flower Power

As we all know, nature has the remarkable healing power in mood lifting. Unlike plant, a bunch of flowers is bundled with all-natural aesthetics; beautiful shape, attractive colours, and some with wonderful scents, that brighten up your place, and brings positive vibe to life. Try putting a bunch of Lily on the corridor to create a sense of welcoming, its subtle scent would sooth your mood when entering the space. Sunflower or Protea are perfect choices for living or dining area as its stunning shape and colour would keep you lively and energised.

Artful Touch

Artwork is one of the key elements in home decoration, but it is often overlooked by many people. Just like icing on a cake, artwork can help to perfect your space, as well as reflect your interests and personality. It doesn’t have to be an expensive art piece - anything that you feel connected to will do, such as a movie poster, pottery, framed mirror, or a special coffee table book that you love put on display in a prime position in every room. Not only it would reflect your taste, it might create new conversation with your guests too.

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Photo Credits: Max Burkhalter, Eric Petschek, Or Harpaz
Construction Update
the lofts silom

Construction update as of end of April 2020 Overall 99.27%.

Structural Work: 100% Overall Completion.

Architectural & Interior Work: 99.96% Overall Completion.

MEP Work:  99.89% Overall Completion.

Facade Work:  99.97% Overall Completion.

Lift Work: 99.88% Overall Completion.


Construction update as of end of April 2020

Piling work: 64.37% Overall Completion


Construction update as of end of April 2020: Overall 5.93%.

Structural Work: 11.93% Overall Completion.

one City centre bangkok

Construction update as of end of April 2020: Overall 29.37%.

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