Raimon Land wins 2019 Thailand Property Development Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

Raimon Land has been awarded 2019 Thailand Property Development Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan. “With the continuous development of unique designs and innovations, Raimon Land is successfully addressing dynamic market challenges. Offering superior design, excellent project value, customer satisfaction, and best practices, the company stands out in Thailand’s highly competitive property development landscape and is poised for impressive growth in the future",  said Mr. Viswesh Vancheeshwar, Industry Analyst from Frost & Sullivan. This award reflects the company’s outstanding success.

Inspiring Bedroom Colors - That'll be satisfactory for individuals

Creating a bedroom that's energizing and mood-boosting can make it a whole lot easier. And since colors and lighting effects our mood, there's a strong case for a colorful bedroom. Whether you introduce those pops of color with paint, bedding, or artwork, you'll find the inspiring colors below.

  • Baby Blue: A soothing soft blue feels like fresh air when you walk into the room. It adds a dreamy quality to every space it enters but also offers a ton of versatility, making it particularly well-suited for the bedroom.

  • Light Lilac: This little nook also gives a calm, serene energy. The key is to stick to a color story of muted pastels. In this case, the designer worked within a purple spectrum while keeping things interesting with contrasting textures, shapes, and finishes.

  • Peach: Peachy blush walls contrast with the high-impact black and white wall art. But that softness is reflected again in the jute rug and oat-hued linen bedding. Blush pink also pairs nicely with steel blue gray tones and even bright red for an unexpected contrast.

Picture Reference: www.raimonland.com
Source: www.housebeautiful.com

Construction Update
The Lofts Silom

Construction Update as of End of September 2019: Overall 79.94%.

Structural Work: 100% Overall Completion.

Architectural & Interior Work: 79.02% Overall Completion.

MEP Work: 73.68% Overall Completion.

Facade Work: 85.17% Overall Completion.

Lift Work: 97.55% Overall Completion.

one City centre bangkok

Construction Update as of End of September 2019: Overall 18.08%.

Sub-structural Work: 43.61% Overall Completion.


Construction Update as of End of September 2019

Pilling work: 100% Overall Completion.

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