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Let’s Save the Earth with One City Centre; A New Landmark of Commercial Office Building in Ploenchit 

On Tuesday 3rd and 4th December, 2019, Raimon Land PCL., in cooperation with Mitsubishi Estate had organized CSR activity to distribute OCC cloth bags in front of the One City Centre site in order to raise awareness of climate and environmental crisis.

The objective of this activity was to express that OCC was more than just an office. We, instead, aim to create an OCC community with the concern on the importance of sustainability and work-life balance. We also comply with Raimon Land’s CSR policy encouraging Ploenchit people to participate in reducing environmental problems and using cloth bags instead of plastic bags to reduce global warming.
Tips: How to Make Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Whether it's a tiny powder room or a shower stall with barely enough room to scrub, a small bathroom can make mornings even worse than they already are. However, you don't need to move. Instead, you just need some strategic styling. Here are some tips to make your bathroom look bigger!

  • Install A Skylight: Natural light is the key to make a small space feel bigger. Skylight is the great option when windows aren't enough.
  • All White Everything: Some may say it’s boring, but an all- white bathroom makes any tucked away space feel bigger and brighter.
  • Curve Corners: By making the edge of your vanity soft and rounded, you'll gain back space and you're less likely to bang into the edge when you're in a rush.
Source: www.housebeautiful.com
Picture Reference: www.forbes.com
Construction Update
The Lofts Silom

Construction Update as of End of November 2019: Overall 90.33%.

Structural Work: 100% Overall Completion.

Architectural & Interior Work: 93.31% Overall Completion.

MEP Work: 88.94% Overall Completion.

Facade Work: 98.07% Overall Completion.

Lift Work: 99.77% Overall Completion.

one City centre bangkok

Construction Update as of End of November 2019: Overall 23.15%.

Sub-structural Work: 55.64% Overall Completion.

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